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Lea Gentile (pronounced LEE jen-TEE-lay), pianist, has lived, performed and taught in the United States, Italy, Canada and China. As a piano soloist, she has performed at Lincoln Center in New York City, at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Italy and at The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada and with the Winston-Salem (North Carolina, USA) Symphony. Her recital on the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts series in Chicago was broadcast live over WFMT (Fine Arts) radio. In 1996 she gave the world premiere performance of American Indian composer E. Aldrich Dobson’s Sonata in A Minor. In January 2007, on Mozart’s birthday, she gave a benefit concert for the Teda Community Volunteer Service Association (Tianjin/China). In October 2009, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, she performed a “Happy Birthday China Piano Concert” with an Interactive Children’s Corner in Teda/Tianjin. In October 2010 she presented a “Kaleidoscope Piano Concert with an Interactive Children’s Corner” at the Tianjin Concert Hall in Tianjin, China. Lea and students performed together “A Musical Offering” featuring music of Franz Liszt (Years of Pilgrimage/Switzerland) in multi-media format in Teda/Tianjin in honor of his 200th birthday year (1811). More recently, in 2013, Claude Debussy was feted for his 150th year by Lea and students with two celebratory concerts of his music, again in multi-media, inter-active format. In addition to recitals and solo appearances, Lea presents numerous themed multi-media, interactive performances and in-school programs for various types of audiences.


Lea takes joy in sharing her love of music with children and often performs in schools. Before coming to China from the USA, she was on the teaching artist roster of the Kentucky Arts Council, the Kentucky Center for the Arts, the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning, and the Memphis (Tennessee) Center for Arts Education.  She has worked as a teaching artist in public schools in New Jersey and Kentucky in the USA and has visited India where she gave programs at Kodaikanal International School. She currently teaches music at Teda International School in Teda/Tianjin, P.R. China.


Her multi-media, interactive performances appeal to a wide range of audiences from youth to seniors, in which she not only recreates great works of art and explores our global musical heritage, but also facilitates listening skills which enable her audiences to appreciate music more fully.


After earning a Master of Music degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, Lea participated in the program of Advanced Studies in Music at The Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta, Canada. There she took part in master classes of many world famous artists, such as David Burge, John Perry, Menahem Pressler, Gyorgy Sebok and Rosalyn Tureck. In addition, she undertook advanced studies with Arminda Canteros in New York City and Guido Agosti in Rome, Italy. Her undergraduate work was done at Manhattan School of Music and at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Lea is now in her 14th year of living and working in the People’s Republic of China.



钢琴家真缇丽曾在美国,意大利,加拿大生活及教学,现居住在中国。作为一名独奏钢琴家,她曾在美国纽约林肯中心、意大利锡耶纳 Chigiana学院、加拿大班夫中心进行钢琴独奏表演。她与北卡罗来纳的Winston-Salem交响乐团合作进行演出。在芝加哥的纪念弥拉.海丝夫人(Dame Myra Hess)系列音乐会的演奏由电台的艺术广播频道进行了现场直播。1996年,美国印第安作曲家E. Aldrich Dobson的a小调奏鸣曲由她向世界首次演出。2007年在天津泰达举办了纪念莫扎特诞辰慈善钢琴音乐会。2009年在天津泰达举办了带有儿童互动环节的“庆祝国庆60周年钢琴独奏音乐会”。2010年“钢琴万花筒——儿童园地”钢琴音乐会在天津音乐厅成功举办。除钢琴独奏外,真缇丽还运用多媒体,儿童互动等方式与不同的观众进行交流并在学校进行演奏。






真缇丽本科毕业于曼哈顿音乐学院和北卡罗来纳大学艺术学院,在获得布隆明顿州印第安纳大学的音乐硕士学位后,她参加了加拿大班夫中心的高级音乐研习班,并参加了多位世纪知名音乐大师课的大师课程,如:David Burge, John Perry,Menahem Pressler,Gyorgy Sebok,Rosalyn Tureck, 此外,真缇丽分别在美国和罗马跟随Arminda Canteros 及Guido Agosti进行提高学习。



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